La différence par nature

About us

NEOFEED is a start-up in animal nutrition created in 2016 based on a realization: if export has become a necessity in the profession, regulatory requirements are often the first obstacle.

With over 10 years of experience in an international group, we share our expertise in the development of companies abroad and identify together the solutions that meet their needs.

The export of animal feed products (complete, complementary, dietary, mineral, or premixtures of additives) cannot be improvised. The regulatory requirements differ according to the nature of the products exported, as well as the target market (EU, non EU, major export).

NEOFEED offers you its expertise in the following areas:

–         Accompaniment in the product registration procedures

–         Technical statutory positioning

–          Labelling conformity

–          Regulatory monitoring and implementation advice

–          Expertise ingredients

–          Formulation service (feed, mineral, premix)


Do not slow down your conquest of new markets, free yourself from regulatory constraints!